Online Booking

Total Accounting System

Total includes full integrated modules such as Accounting, Sales, Sabre and Amadeus back office Connector, Charter Connector, Online Booking Connector and SMS notifier. This system is used by many Iranian best-seller agencies including Tatilat, Ermitra, Asia 2000, Mohajeri, Sahand, Perspolis, Mehmandar, Safarhaye Soraya, Fazagasht.

Hamyar System

Considering one of the most serious airline problems which is related to PNR transaction and issuing tickets, Faranegar has developed Hamyar system to implement PNR just by on transaction and reduce amount of transaction to on- fifth.

Displaying SSR for ID number and Passport Number, Displaying SSR for child and infant, Recording Mobil number and passenger’s email, converting solar date to Gregorian date, Linking with Gabriel automatically, Recognizing invalid ID number are some of key features of Hamyar systems.