Pars Reservation System

The CRS system is the system that enables to reserve, issue, cancel and refund. This system was produced in 2012.This system is based on Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual (PSCRM) and Reservations Interline Message Procedures Passenger (AIRIMP) standards. Pars Reservation System is a next-generation, cloud-based solution that optimizes customer engagement, distribution and brand experience. Its single, comprehensive database enables a real-time view of the entire business. It has developed in two platforms including web-based and mobile application and also can support charter business model. Download brochure

Airline Sales Report

Travel agencies should give a sales report to the airlines every 15 days. Faranegar developed a solution for atomizing this complex procedure. So, by using Faranegar sales report system, the periodic reports including RTRD, PSR and RR for each travel agency will send to each airline automatically. Almost all Iranian airlines including Iran Air, Mahan, Aseman, Qeshm Air and ATA currently manage their sales reports by this Faranegar solution. Ports