Who We Are

Faranegar initiated its activities with the purpose of innovation in software solutions and services especially in the aviation and tourism industry in 2008. Concentrating on the recognition of customer requirements, Faranegar has developed solutions to simplify the procedures for airlines, airports, travel agencies and more importantly end users. In other word, we focus on a main goal, driving intelligence and value into our customers’ business. We develop smart and powerful products that deliver new experience to our customers.

The Faranegar Board

• Ali Timajchi, CEO and a Member of the Board of Directors • Dr. Hamed Soleimani, a Member of the Board of Directors • Dr. Behnam Mirzapour, a Member of the Board of Directors

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Partners & Subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries enable us to make the most of all complementary capabilities and technologies. We use them to help develop new and innovative solutions. • Daramad Pardazan Faranegar Nowadays, regarding the fierce competition and the challenging economic environment makes the ability of optimizing and improving revenues systems absolutely essential. Therefore, the airlines are turning their attentions from traditional revenue management systems to the knowledge-based expert systems. Daramad Pardazan Faranegar is a subsidiary of Faranegar Co., working on development the “Airline Revenue Management Systems”. It was successfully accepted as a knowledge-based company in incubator center of Qazvin Azad University (the best incubator in Iran in 1394). Relying on its expert human resources and its successful experiences in aviation industry, Daramad Pardazan Faranegar has developed the first Iranian airline revenue management system called Faranegar Revenue Management System (FRMS). FRMS exploits new forecasting methods, advanced data mining knowledge, and operations research techniques in order to optimize the passenger revenue for airlines. The key features of FRMS are as below: • Historical Data Collection • Demand Forecasting • Capacity Allocation Optimization • Price Optimization • Competitive Intelligence • Reporting and KPI Dashboard

Daramad Pardazan